Rolf Tschierschky

The artist, set designer and graphic designer Rolf Tschierschky created over 1600 works between 1943 and 2003. These ranged from sketches, studies and still lifes, to landscapes, aquarelles and portraits and on up to the fantastical, at times large format, independent works that display rare colour-intensive and dynamic quality.
His works mirror practically every artistic movement of the 20th century, yet they remain largely unfamiliar to the greater public.

His grandson, Sven Hinz , photographed, measured, and catalogued all of Tschierschky’s paintings in 2003/2004 and also was able to interview his grandfather about each and every work. This collection of data led to the book"Rolf Tschierschky – A Painter of the Fantastical"that was published by the Swiss AbisZett Verlag in 2015.

This homepage includes a large selection from Rolf Tschierschky’s vast body of work that are presented for you here in thematically compiled galleries. You will also find here a complete List of Works of his artistic creations.

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Ein Maler des Fantastischen

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