Still Lifes

In his 1952 workStillleben mit Krug (Still life with a jug)he symbolically represented his family in the form of a jug and a plate with two pieces of fruit atop it. The jug represents the mother, which Carl Gustav Jung had already denoted as being an archetypical symbol for the maternal and feminine.
The two pieces of fruit – a pear and an apple – embody Rolf Tschierschky’s siblings. The apple represents his sister Rosemarie, while the pear denotes his brother, Günter. His youngest brother, Fredi, is not represented, as he had fallen during the war. Rolf himself appears in the form of the plate. As the fruits’ container, it symbolizes the responsibility he had of keeping the family together after the death of his father.

Ein Maler des Fantastischen

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